Be a Bean

Beans are the only cultivated plants that help to improve and enrich the soil as they grow rather than exhaust all of the nutrients. So, even the tallest stalks can grow from the tiniest of beans.

My name is Ella. I’m a full grown twenty-one-year-old. Full grown for me is a meager fifty pounds. On top of my small stature is an oversized chest and a tiny head. My neck skin sags in excess, and my mom and dad tell me that it’s because my head never grew into my skin.

My hair is black, already peppered with a few spots of white. I don’t wear makeup or paint my nails, but I sometimes wear flowers on my necklace to make me feel better about my appearance. I’m afraid of mirrors because of the reflection I see. Although, everyone tends to tell me how cute my flowers are when I walk through the mall. 

Society tells me that I should have perfect teeth, perfect posture, a feminine walk, great hair, and the ideal body to be someone great. To win awards and be somebody, I must come from a long bloodline of great athletes or money. To be educated, I must get the most expensive schooling around. To make a difference, I must be famous.


My name is Bean. I’m a full grown three-year-old Labrador mix. Size does not matter to me. My saggy skin flops all around as I happily run and play, and my tiny head is full of endless dreams. Not much can get me down and depressed, and I’m comfortable in my excess skin. I love who I am.

My hair is black. It covers every inch of my body with a few random spots of white thrown in. These patches make me unique. They help distinguish me from other dogs who have black hair. My mom and dad put flowers on my collar when we go to the mall because it makes people stop and smile. I do not care about my appearance because making people smile is more important. Smiling people make my tail wag faster than anything else.

 The society I live in does not discriminate. All breeds are my friends, and all mutts are just as equal as the purebreds. I do not need awards or money. Material things do not matter to me, unless it’s food. I do not need the most expensive schooling and do not understand the concept of social status. To make a difference in just one person’s life and to be loved by just a few people is all I need. 

My name is Ella Bean. We are all souls of multiple characters. Some of us timid, easily startled, and not the most comfortable with who we are. But, we all have a Bean growing inside of us with the ability and ambition to make an impact. We all have dreams and the desire to be our best, and to make the world a better place. Don’t be the weed that sucks the nutrients from the soil, preventing the flowers from blooming around you. Improve and enrich the lives closest to you. Make a difference. Be the Bean within you.