This blog contains tidbits of our family’s story. Of course everyone has their own. Every couple, every family, each unique in their own way. However, I have to admit that you won’t find one better than our’s, and you’ll hear all about it through me, the husband.

Since I do enjoy life and want to live long and healthy, I can promise you that no post about my wife will be published without her approval first. And though she does deserve some payback for all the Snapchats she’s sent to her friends of me singing in the shower, I’m not here to make her life miserable or to vent. I am here to prove that whether we like it or not, life is full of challenges, but the two of you together have to make it fun. And yes guys, your wife is more than often always right about everything, and she absolutely favors the dog child over you. Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise.



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